Can NY Locksmith Services Lock Pick my Jammed Lock?

Let's try to answer this intriguing question together. So, can NY locksmith services lock pick a jammed lock for you? Again, I would like to underline the fact that having a lock picking tools on you unless you are a certified locksmith is illegal in some states, so please take this into consideration.

There are plenty of scenarios in which NY locksmith services can lock pick your jammed lock, but I would like to discuss the most common situations.

* Key broken inside the lock cylinder - well, a professional locksmith equipped with basic lock picking tools (a diamond pick, hook pick, snake pick and tension wrench) should be able to pull the rest of the key out of the lock cylinder without damaging the cylinder. Once our locksmiths pulled the lock cylinder out, they will be able to rekey it.

* Worst case scenario - the lock cylinder is completely broken and the key stuck and cannot be pulled out - then lock picking option is out of the question as the entire mechanism needs to be replaced. NY locksmith services locksmiths will replace the entire door lock and give you new set of keys.

* Keyhole stuffed with foreign substance - it might be the case that you accidentally inserted some foreign substance like a piece of bubble gum into the lock without noticing it, preventing the cylinder from being turned. What do you do now? Well, if you jiggle the key, this will push the substance further into the lock mechanism causing the dissonance inside the lock cylinder.

Best option, with least amount of damage, would be to call a locksmith out. Our locksmiths will try to remove the stuck key using their lock picking tools. After the key is removed from the lock, there is a need to clean the lock cylinder professionally. If the damage is irreversible, the lock must be replaced.

NY locksmith services can be at your services when you need to lock pick a jammed lock.

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