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Here's an introductory article about the basic New York Locksmith Tools our technicians use when you call one to help you out from a lockout. It's important to remember that different tools are used for different purposes and each has their right time to be used. The following information will clarify how our New York Locksmith Tools are used in every occurrence.

Locksmiths have basically three options when trying to open a locked door:

  1. Trying to lock pick the lock and open the door
  2. Trying to lodge a broken key out of a key hole or a fix a stuck lock mechanism and open the door
  3. Or drilling the entire lock and key cylinder out and replacing it

Each of these techniques requires a different set of tools. Here's a breakdown of which locksmith tools New York locksmiths use and what you can expect to see for each technique and a suggestion of which work order should be tried first.

Locksmith Lockpicking tools:

The first and most asked for order of work when calling a locksmith should be to ask him or her to try and lock pick your door, this is the least expensive way to open a locked door. The lockpicking tools you should expect to see tried on your doors are:

Locksmith Key extracting tools:

Locksmith drilling tools:

Remember, all New York Locksmith Tools should be used according to their purpose and the correct order of work that is recommended - trying to lockpick the door, trying to fix the mechanisms and only then trying to drill the locks and replace cylinders and locks. The same rules apply for automotive locksmith tools and any case of opening car doors.

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