Locksmith Keys & Key Types

Locksmith New York is proud to offer our clients a wide selection of locksmith keys and key solutions. From our locksmith rekey services to fitting the right key with the right blade and bow to the keyway in your home or office, Locksmith New York is your key maker and is available to you 24 hours a day.

Being locksmiths doesn't stop at just opening your locked doors. With our Locksmith New York lock and key solutions we take care of anything that has to do with your household key. From key making to rekey services Locksmith New York is here for you with any key equipment you might need.

The difference in a locksmith key is that it is specifically tailored to the lock it's supposed to open. We offer key cutting and key duplication according to the doors they are meant to open. In addition, Locksmith New York will suggest the right key to fit your needs exactly. This service is meant to provide you with the best home security solution that's especially tailored to your home.

Never get stuck in a lock out situation cause by lost keys with our duplicate keys service. At Locksmith New York we rekey locks with designer locksmith keys which are much more secure.

Locksmith Keys Selection:

Locksmith New York offers a wide selection of locksmith keys that you can choose from we carry:

Carrying around your set of keys demands some key accessories as well and at Locksmith New York you'll find a selection of key chains, keyrings and key fobs.

With our locksmith key solutions our locksmiths also provide a variety of locksmith services such as key cutting and key duplication for almost any type of lock and key.

Different Key Types:

Master Key - A master key is a key used to open more than one set of locks. In houses, for instance, the master key is usually used to open every door lock in the house, but each other room key cannot function in this way. The design most commonly used in a Master Keys is unique not to the key itself but rather to the locks of the house, hotel or motel. Each lock is designed to be opened by two set of keys, one being the room's key or change key in professional terms, and the other by the master key. At Locksmith New York you will find a huge selection of master keys to choose from.

Car Key - Car keys are used to open car doors, the car trunk (boot) and the glove compartment as well as serving as the ignition key of the car itself. Different from most house keys, car keys are usually symmetrical and grooved on both sides.

Skeleton Key - Skeleton keys, or passkey, are a simple type of key used to open drawers and cabinets. They have a minimal rectangular tooth and a usually distinguishable bow. A skeleton key offers very little security and is designed to operate on specific locks called warded locks.

Key Card - a key card is usually a card with digital signature on it. It is used to open electronic access control locks which are commonly found in hotels and offices.

House Keys - there are two types of house keys: house keys for lever locks and house keys for pin tumbler cylinder locks. The main difference is in the way these keys operate. Lever lock keys raise flat levers in the lock allowing the levers to line up and move a bolt back and forth. Whereas, cylinder lock keys align the lock pins with the key and the shear line of the cylinder lock enabling it to rotate and thus turn the key and open the lock.

At Locksmith New York you are able to find locksmith keys from house keys, master keys and much more. In addition a locksmith will be happy to provide you with a locksmith rekey and new key after installing the matching lock for it.

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