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This is an email we recently received from one of our customers in NYC, and I decided to share it with you guys. You are welcome to comment on this post later on.


The reason I decided to write this thank you note stems from one specific incident that happened to me during a rainy night on Park Avenue. I don't know how and please don't ask me what I ate for dinner that night, but while trying to start my 2001 Chevrolet, the key broke off, with most of it still in the ignition.

"Be calm James, let's use the spare key", I thought. Maybe I will manage to get the key out somehow without damaging the ignition mechanism. Easier said than done. I tried to remove the big end of the key using the toothpick as a reaching tool. I even sprayed some oil on the ignition lock because I thought that the key will become loosened and I will successfully pull it out with my finger tips. Then, I found the screwdriver in the trunk and tried to pry the lock, but I ended up breaking the remaining part of the key.

After that, I decided to call my locksmith company for help. New York Locksmith operators received my emergency call, but I was preparing myself for the worst, which is having to wait around for hours on a rainy night. Boy, how I was surprised to see the guys of New York Locksmith near my vehicle after fifteen minutes! They were equipped with some kind of special key extraction tools and completed this procedure in a matter of seconds while I spent one hour trying to do the same thing. The ignition wasn't damaged and I was able to use my spare key and drive home safely.

I would like to thank Jake and Rafael for their understanding and dedicated professional care. It is important to me to know that I can rely on my NYC locksmith company and that they are with me in a time of emergency.

Happy Customer James from Manhattan, NYC

Indeed, extracting a broken key from the ignition of any car is not a simple task for someone who is not a professional locksmith. Plus, the special tools we use as far as I know aren't available to the general public in most places. We try our best in delivering fast and reliable emergency locksmith service throughout New York City's five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island.

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