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Toll free number: 888-674-4334

Locksmith New York Lock Solutions

Locksmith New York Lock solutions offers a variety of locks, from simple lock to advanced up-to-date products. We will provide you with most adequate and affordable product.

We provide New York locks for any need: residential locks, commercial locks and auto locks.

We are totally capable of providing you with any New York Lock product available in today’s market and would be happy to take care of its installation for you.

In addition Locksmith New York will be happy to answer any lock question you might have such as: how to open a jammed lock and how to act in certain lockout situtions.

Our highly trained and professional technician will install any lock as per your request.

We are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

The following is a short list of all the New York locks available for sale and installation:***



  • Mortise Locks

  • Panic Bar

  • Lock sets

  • Deadbolt

  • Padlock

  • Magnet Locks

  • Switches

  • Camlock

  • Door Closer

  • Electric Strike

  • Cylinder

  • Wireless Switches

  • Top Guard

  • Choice Mail Boxes 


For a FREE ESTIMATE for any of our lock products call us at: 888-674-4334.

Be sure to check out our ultimate selection of locksmith keys and key explanation page.

Locksmith New York is a nationwide expert locksmith in the New York offering variety of locks, residential locks, commercial locks, auto locks and lock installation.
Locksmith New York provide emergency 24 hour services in addition to Free Estimates for residential and commercial accounts.
Contact us now at 888-674-4334 or fill the form on Contact Us to have a New York locksmith service.

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